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bruce and peter
Well, being home royally sucks. I start at Toys R Us soon. At least I can make some money to pay off the bills I'm severely behind on.

I'm still trying to find a job in the Burgh. It's pretty hard right now. I'm still planning on graduate school this spring, but there may be a change. Instead of Duquesne, I think I may apply to Point Park. I'd really like to go to DU, but it's just hella expensive. $732 per credit hour right now. In addition, I'm not Catholic and I don't want to be forced to comply with their strict rules. I'm ultimately there to learn, but if I ended up living on campus, I wouldn't want to be treated like a five-year old. I get enough of that here at home. Oh yeah, their apartments are fricking ridiculous! $1060 a month for a furnished 1-BR, $960 for an unfurnished. I could find a new apartment downtown and pay a lot less (and I'm not even talking the crappy apts downtown).

Point Park offers an accelerated program so I can complete a degree in a year. If for whatever reason I can't, I have the traditional two year option. I think the courses are held on Fridays and Saturdays which means I could have the week open to intern or work. Sounds like a pretty decent deal.

I was comparing tuition, room and board costs and even with living on campus, I'd be paying at least $5,000 less a semester than I would at DU.

I'm just trying to decide now whether I want the MBA in Management or Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management. If I go the SAEM track, I'll need to take a standardized test and get a third letter of recommendation. If I do Management, I'll only need two letters of recommendation and won't have to take any tests. I'm leaning more toward SAEM 'cause I'd like to work for an Arts org. and it always seems as if they want someone with at least a Masters. Still, I have that dream of working for a sports team. It would definitely be a big help.

Well, that's the latest update. I have to find out when Rowan offers the MAT so I can take it whenever.

I just need some stability in my life again. Sheesh.
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