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I have found the most BEAUTIFUL cat ... She's perfect and there's no…

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bruce and peter
I have found the most BEAUTIFUL cat ... She's perfect and there's no way she's still going to be at this Ohio shelter by the time I move back here. :(

  • When are you moving back?
    • I don't even know. I'm trying to get a job in Pittsburgh right now (which is not going too well at the moment), but I have to move to NJ next week due to finances and whatnot. I'm applying to graduate school at Duquesne in mid-September if I don't have a job by then so I will at least know I am GUARANTEED to be back here by January at the latest. I should have a job by January, but I want to cover my bases just in case.

      Oy, I wonder if my parents would want to adopt a cat from Ohio for me ... lol.
      • Well, the goods is that that little kitty cat is in a non-kill shelter. So, even if you YOU couldn't take her, she'll be going to a good home.

        When you're, I can help you find a nice kitty for you an you won't have to go through the application process that you'd have to go through at the other places. ;)
        • You are so right. I didn't take a look at the shelter yet, but I am glad it is a no-kill shelter. She is too beautiful to not go home with a loving family. :-) It's a shame that animals have to end up at shelters in the first place and it breaks my heart when not all of them can find homes. Pittsburgh does have a no-kill, and it's sad that some of those animals have been there so long ...

          I actually plan on adopting all of my future pets. I'd rather give a cat a nice home to live out her days, rather than buy a kitten somewhere. I'd rather rescue a Westie and Chow (are they NOT the cutest? lol) .. and I'd rather bring home a cute little chinchilla who deserves a second chance. I wish I could give every animal a home, but it's a start ... =)

          It's really tough living alone. I know I need a companion the next go 'round so a feline friend is a good place to start. I'll be sure to ask you about stuff when the time comes. :-)
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